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Dylan Murrish French Handcrafted Knives and Knife Making Academy Light Fighter Forge Zubaisa Enterprises Bootleg Blades
Mackrill Custom Knives Johannesburg South Africa Mackrill Custom Knives Johannesburg South Africa Mackrill Custom Knives Johannesburg South Africa Strauss Custom Knives Cameron Blades
Langs Custom Knives Miknives Tresgian Custom Knives Anthony Topham Chef Knives Damascus Knives Forever
Damascus Knives Forever JV Knives Cilliers Knives Adler Knives Adler Knives

All Makers:

#: Display / Company Name: Country: Action:
1 100pct22knives Cambodia
2 A Bell Custom Knives South Africa
3 Adler Knives South Africa
4 Afrikana Handmade Knives Pretoria South Africa South Africa
5 Alef Forge United States
6 Andre Knives South Africa
7 Andre Krause Knives South Africa
8 Andrey Navarre Brazilian Bladesmith Brazil
9 Andries Strydom Custom Knives South Africa
10 Anthony Topham Chef Knives South Africa
11 Arda Turkey
12 Ashley Sheasby Handmade Knives South Africa
13 BADGER BLADES South Africa
14 Barbudo Knives Croatia
15 BBknives United Kingdom
16 bdeye forge South Africa
17 Berkhouse Knifeworks United States
18 BESOUREX 312 Botswana
19 BJW Custom Knives South Africa
20 Bladetricks Spain
21 BLS Knives United States
22 Boekoeknives South Africa
23 Bootleg Blades United States
24 Bossie Knives South Africa
25 Botha Knives South Africa
26 Brian Germishuys Hand Made Knives South Africa
27 Brown Dog BladeWorks United States
28 BRT Bladeworks United States
29 buffalo horn plate knife handle shadman overseas India
30 buffalo horn plate knife handle shadman overseas India
31 buffalo horn plate knife handle shadman overseas India
32 buffalo horn plate knife handle shadman overseas India
33 Bushbaby Knives United Kingdom
34 Cameron Blades United Kingdom
35 Canadian Knife Company Canada
36 Capnos Knives United States
37 Carel South Africa
38 carlMichael Sweden
39 CB performance custom knives Portugal
40 Charl Pienaar Custom Knives South Africa
41 Cilliers Knives South Africa
42 CJ Smith Lone Wolve Custom Knives Pretoia South Africa South Africa
43 CJS Knives United States
44 Cloete Knives South Africa
45 Coetzer Knives South Africa
46 Cominardi Diego Knifemaker Italy
47 Connie du Preez South Africa
48 Corknives Custom Made Hennenman South Africa South Africa
49 COVBLADE South Africa
50 Crossforge Custom knives Champagne sabers swords Randburg South Africa South Africa
51 Cuchillos Marcelo Vazquez Argentina
53 Custom Knives Ricca Uruguay
54 Cutelaria Sao Miguel Custom knives Brazil
55 Damascus Knives Forever Pakistan
56 Damascus Knives Valley Handmade knives Maker Pakistan
58 Das Rhino Frge United States
59 DD d B Knifemaker South Africa
60 De Beer Knives South Africa
61 Deans Blades South Africa
62 Denis Mura Italy Italy
63 Dennis landman custom blades South Africa
64 Deon Ferreira South Africa
65 Deon Nel Knives South Africa
66 Dick Beets South Africa
67 Distinctive Knife Creations South Africa
68 Dramako Custom Knives South Africa
69 Dwane Oliver Custom Knifemaker United States
70 Dylan Murrish South Africa
71 DZFarias Custom Kinves Rio Grande do Sul Brazil Brazil
72 Ed Clarke Knives United States
73 ED Smith Knives South Africa
75 Edge Netherlands
76 Elmar Venter Custom Knives South Africa
77 Ernesto Petrus Argentina
78 Etienne Coetzer Custom Knives Roodepoort South Africa South Africa
79 Ettienne Vorster South Africa
81 Eylem Cengiz Turkey
82 Faasen hand made knives South Africa
83 FLR Knives South Africa
84 Forestbear knives South Africa
85 French Handcrafted Knives and Knife Making Academy South Africa
86 Frik Kruger Handmade Knives South Africa
87 G M HANDMADE KNIVES United Kingdom
88 Gareth Bull Knives South Africa
89 Gavin Dickerson Custom Made Knives South Africa
90 George Backett TacticallySharp United States
91 Gert van der Merwe Knives South Africa
92 Glittering Edge United Kingdom
93 Gokhan BAKLA isa Usta Atolyesi Turkey
94 Goldenhorse Knife fty China
95 Goosenknives South Africa
96 Grace Horne United Kingdom
97 Graham Clarke Knives Edenvale South Africa South Africa
98 Green Hills Enterprises Pakistan
99 Green Man Knives United Kingdom
100 Greenman forge United Kingdom
101 Greg Austin knives South Africa
102 Greg Davis United States
103 Greg Hogan Knives Suriname
104 Greyiron Blades Cape Town South Africa South Africa
105 Griggs Knives United States
106 grommit knives United Kingdom
107 Harris Engelbrecht Handmade Knives South Africa
108 Heather Harvey - ABS Master Bladesmith South Africa
109 Hennie Landman Handgemaakte Messe South Africa
110 Hennie van Zyl South Africa
111 Herman Rossouw Worx Knifes South Africa
112 HHH Custom Knives United States
113 Hilton Knives South Africa
114 Hoehler handmade knives South Africa
115 HOIHO KNIVES New Zealand
116 Howling Wolf Knifeworks United States
117 Hunters Creek knives Ireland
118 Hunters Grip Pakistan
119 iKlwa an African Legend South Africa
121 iNyathi Knives South Africa
122 Jake Hoback Knives United States
123 James Clarke Custom Knives South Africa
125 Jeff Surgeson Custom Knives and Tools South Africa
126 JFS Knives South Africa
127 JN Handmade Knives Ireland
128 johan de jager South Africa
129 Johan Ellis Springbok Namaqualand South Africa South Africa
130 Johan van Rensburg Hand Made Knives Pretoria South Africa South Africa
131 Johan Viljoen Handmade knives Roodepoort South Africa South Africa
133 JV Knives South Africa
134 Kemp Custom Knives South Africa
135 Ken Smythe Knives South Africa
136 Kevin Harvey - ABS Master Bladesmith South Africa
137 Klaus Roessel Handmade Knives Windhoek Namibia Namibia
138 Knives South Africa
139 kottek-knives Austria
140 Kowulz Design United States
141 Kraft Knives South Africa
142 Krow Custom Knives South Africa
143 Kruger Handmade Knives South Africa
145 Kyle Kilroy United States
146 Langs Custom Knives United States
147 Leon Vorster South Africa
148 Lessings Forge Bloemfontein South Africa South Africa
149 Light Fighter Forge United States
150 luckydog knives South Africa
151 LX Blades Netherlands
152 Lyon Custom Knives Pretoria South Africa South Africa
153 Macknives United Kingdom
154 Mackrill Custom Knives Johannesburg South Africa South Africa
155 MaJin Argentina
156 MalThipa Handmade Knives South Africa
157 Mammoth Blades England United Kingdom
158 Mark Behnke United States
159 Mark Hiener Custom Knives South Africa
160 Mark Kloppers Knives South Africa
161 Martin Schutte Custom Knives Pretoria Elarduspark South Africa South Africa
162 Mervin Thomson Custom Knives South Africa
163 Merwe knives South Africa
164 Meteor Forge United States
165 MICHAEL MORTON custom knives gauteng south africa South Africa
166 Mike Carter Custom Knives United States
167 Miknives Pakistan
168 M-Knives Belgium
169 moghal smith custom knives Pakistan
170 Msg knives South Africa
171 Mughal Smith Pakistan
172 Neels Niemand handmade knives South Africa
173 Neels Roos South Africa
174 Neels Van Den Berg Custom Knives, Pretoria, South Africa South Africa
175 Nektarios Denmark
176 Nesmuk - Knives made in Germany Germany
177 Newtonso Custom Blades United States
178 Norman Hackney Devil Metal Pretoria South Africa South Africa
179 Ober-Mauzerknives South Africa
180 OnellCornell Indonesia
181 Outlore Knives United Kingdom
182 Owen Original hand crafted knives by David Owen South Africa
183 paranghouse Kota Belud Malaysia
184 Paul Fick South Africa
185 Paul Knives South Africa
186 PDG STEYN South Africa
187 Peacock Knives Ballito KZN South Africa
188 Peetknives South Africa
189 Pegasus Knives Portugal
190 Peter Steyn Handcrafted Knives Welkom South Africa South Africa
191 PF Messe Boksburg South Africa South Africa
192 Piet Ferreira Knives Pretoria South Africa South Africa
193 Pieter Erasmus Custom Knives Pretoria South Africa South Africa
194 Pittendrigh Knives South Africa
195 Plaza Cutlery United States
196 Plaza Cutlery United States
197 PMZ K and T Lehigh Valley PA USA United States
198 Primal Options United States
199 Rader Blade Works United States
200 Rael Custom Blades South Africa
201 Raptor Custom Knives United Kingdom
202 Ratelknives United Kingdom
203 Rene Aebi Gecko-Knives Namibia Namibia
204 Riaan Venter Hand Crafted Knives Centurion South Africa
205 Riccardo Mainolfi Italy
206 Ronald B Chambeau Presidentsrus South Africa South Africa
207 Roodt Custom Knives Roodepoort South Africa South Africa
208 RTS Custon Knives South Africa
209 Rutherford Forge Johannesburg South africa South Africa
210 RV Knives Alberton South Africa South Africa
211 Sandt Blades South Africa
212 Sans Peur Knives South Africa
213 Santiago Igarza Cuchillos artesanales Argentina
214 Sarel Venter Custom Knives Pretoria South Africa South Africa
215 Sean Culhane Hand Crafted Knives Roodepoort South Africa South Africa
216 Shoally Creek Forge United States
218 SMIT KNIVES Zimbabwe
219 Smith Hand Forged Knives South Africa
220 smyth knives Ireland
221 spencer pearson The Hammered Anvil Mississippi United States United States
222 Spenlin Knives South Africa South Africa
223 Srim Art South Africa
224 STAHL KNIVES South Africa
225 Stefan Diedericks Knives South Africa South Africa
226 stephens custom knives united states United States
227 Steve South Africa
228 Stewart J Light Knives United Kingdom
229 StollieKnives South Africa
230 Strauss Custom Knives South Africa
231 Summers Knives United States
232 T forged Knives United States
233 Tanczos Blades United Kingdom
234 The Rising Phoenix United States
235 Thinus Bothma Custom Knives South Africa
236 Tiaan Burger South Africa
237 Tom Wylie Peak Knives UK United Kingdom
238 TP Knives France
239 Trade Tacklers knives Pakistan
240 Tresgian Custom Knives Australia
241 Umair Mirza Pakistan
242 Unique Stars Cutlery United States
243 Van Dyk Knives South Africa
244 Van Straaten Handmade Blades South Africa
245 VCA Knives - Brazil Brazil
246 Viljoen Knives South Africa
247 WC Messer South Africa
248 Werdenfelser Messer Bayern Deutschland Germany
250 Wilderness Ironworks United States
251 zimKnives United States
252 Zubaisa Enterprises Pakistan