Knifemaker: T forged Knives


Personal Information:

Name : Mr. Trevon Jacobson
Gender : Male
Maker Status : Part-Time Maker
Year of Birth : 1974

Contact Information:

Email :
Facebook URL :

Physical Address:

Address : Home in
Suburb : in the burbs
Town : Hillsboro
Province : Oregon
Country : United States

Knife Information:

First Knife Sold : 2009-11-04
Specialties : Custom made hunting, camping, bowie and folders.
Patterns : Hand forged hunting, camping, bowie and folders.
Average Price : $50 to $200
Technical : I forge High Carbon and Stainless. Then Harden and temper the blade. Custom made sheaths as well.

Maker's Mark(s):

Maker's Mark Information not yet available.